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If you have stumbled onto this site - the information contained herein is entirely work-in-progress. it is public information as everything the Planning Commission does is open to public view, but these files have not been accepted by either the Planning Commission or the Selectboard, so view them if you choose with the understanding that they are tentative and incomplete. The Planning Commission welcomes all comments and suggestions.

Protocol: start with the newest version and document every change:
MS Word "track changes" and keep a notepad record of the pages where the changes happen .
Make sure I get the revisions to post here before the next person downloads their copy for the next round of revisions.


Melanie: 4-17 notes 4-17 Zoning with changes     Issues  
Melanie: 4-20 notes 4-20 Zoning with changes     TP/Zoning (Chris Walsh)  
Melanie: 5-5 notes 5-5 Zoning with changes Jack 5-7 notes 5-7-09 District purposes    
Melanie: 5-19 notes 5-19 Zoning with changes     ZA "waivers"  
        ZA "Structures on Skids"  
        ZA "Condition a Permit"  
4/10 warned zoning changes.doc 2010 approved zoning.doc        
2010 (for 2011 zoning)    
Article 6_revision 1 GR.doc     Article 6_revision 2 MMK.doc Article 6_revision 3 GR.doc