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  • Sort the parts into stacks of things that look alike - it makes identifying them easier.  As you identify the parts use sticky-notes to keep track of what the instructions call them
  • The walls have clapboard profile cut into the surface.  Tag them with their names, keep them together in a stack
  • Floors (base floors are 1/4" thick, upper floors are 3/8" thick)
  • The Roofs are 1/4" thick: particularly keep track of the Front Eaves
  • The Dividers are 3/8" thick
  • As you identify the parts use sticky-notes to keep track of what the instructions call them, mark them off the parts list.
  • Do this step (the stair-holes are lined up) to identify the back-top of the Mid Floor and Top Floor.  Mark the back edge - you will be busy with other considerations later and getting the floors in backwards or up-side-down is very hard to fix by the time you discover your mistake
  • Papering and applying flooring before assembly turned out to be harder than afterward..  It makes the whole taped assembly much harder
  • This is out of order of the instructions, but it makes it easier to mark and pre-paint the Top Floor ceiling.
  • Tape the base corner first, then the rest of the base.  Tapeing up the side is the step that straightens the house.  Line up the outside of the Side and the edge of the Front carefully
  • Lined up and taped tightly
  • The bottom of the Top Floor has been painted to the tracing (and a little over) for a clean paint-line and a good glue joint too
  • I pre-applied flooring and protected it with acrylic urethane (StaysClear is what I used - one coat wiped with a paper towel, then sanding with a woven sanding pad (ScotchBrite), then a second coat, thick this time).  I still rub off tape that touches the flooring instead of tearing it off
  • Weight needed
  • The Right Front is next.  The Divider behind the edge of the Left Front keeps the Front straight up-and-down
  • The Bay Floors, then the Bay Walls

  • a20.jpg
  • Make sure the top of the Front Bay Wall is parallel with the edge of the Top Floor
  • Lots of tape.  The walls do not fit tight into the grooves, space them evenly, then finalize the fit using the Porch Floor
  • The Porch Floor is not glued now, it is used to adjust the fit so it will be perfect later