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  • Pre-finish the floors with acrylic urethane or 'OneStep' or 'PolyShades' urethane+stain mixed together (a surface rather than a penetrating finish). Glue and tape the floors and sides. The floors stick out 1/8 in front (up)
  • The'Groove-fill' may be a snug fit
  • Line up the edge of the Base - plenty of tape
  • Straighten the house as you tape up the side.
  • Line up the edge of the Front with the surface of the Side carefully all the way to the top
  • The Tower Side with the 9" Fills already in place (not in order of the instruction, but a handy way to keep dried glue from interfering with the fit of the Fills later)
  • The Tower Floors.  If you've pre-finished them, you can tape to the flooring surface too
  • Otherwise, just keep the tape on the bottom
  • The other Tower Side - 9" fills too
  • The Left Front.  Plenty of glue, plenty of tape.  Line up everything carefully at the top edge
  • The Tower Front.  Line up both sides from the base to the top
  • Trace and paint the bottom of the Top Floor - leave some space above the walls un-painted for glue
  • Wallpapering after construction is by far the easiest way to go, but pre-cutting pieces for the odd-shaped spots is a good idea.  This is the Side Roof.  It has been stained so any spaces between shingles won't be a different color.  It has shingle-guidelines on the outside, and I am using it as a cutting template for the wallpaper that will go onto it
  • The Foundation from the front
  • The wallpaper leaves a little gap above and below the Groove-fill.  Paint it before papering and cut the paper to come close to the edge (don't cut it to come exactly to the edge - it's too hard to rub it down and the paper expands a little when you paste it anyway... leave a small gap and paint behind it)
  • I have tested the Divider and determined where I want it to go.  I am measuring to cut a piece of wallpaper to fit - covering the mark but still leaving some bare wood for glue
  • Put paste on the paper first so it can expand from the moisture before you lay it on the wall
  • Paste the walls.  Don't be stingy and don't be fussy.  The extra paste wipes off
  • Just covering the mark, a little clearance at the bottom and the top
  • You get less bubbles if you rub it down as you lay it (rather than getting it all in place, then trying to coax the bubbles out)